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The possibilities for microbiological applications are endless. As we learn more about microorganisms, we are constantly developing new ways to use them to improve our everyday lives.

New Growth

Fungi and bacteria are being increasingly used in agriculture and horticulture. The ban on chemical agents requires a different approach to cultivation. Our variety of microbial products for this industry offers many new opportunities.


Microorganisms offer a promising new approach to addressing the challenges of industrial pollution,  such as: soil remediation, odor control and wastewater treatment. By using microorganisms, we can help to protect the environment.

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Bacteria are essential for the success of aquaculture systems. By understanding the role of microorganisms in these systems, we can help to ensure that they are sustainable and productive.

City Crowds

As we become more aware of the importance of microorganisms, we are finding new and innovative ways to use them to improve our lives.

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