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Covered Plants

Agri- and Horticulture

Soil enhancement:​

  • Soil improvement solutions

  • Soil conditioning products

  • Enhancing soil fertility

Root development improvement:

  • Enhanced root growth products

  • Healthy root system boosters

  • Root development enhancers

Nutrient uptake enhancement:​

  • Nutrient absorption aids

  • Increased nutrient utilization

  • Optimizing nutrient uptake

Irrigation system maintenance:

  • Irrigation system cleaning

  • Anti clogging

  • Maintenance for irrigation systems

Growth stimulants:

  • Plant growth promoters

  • Organic growth boosters

  • Stimulants for healthy plants

Glyphosate degradation​:

  • Glyphosate breakdown solutions

  • Glyphosate residue remediation

  • Effective Glyphosate decomposition

Basin/Silo water treatment:

  • Water treatment for reservoirs

  • Basin/Silo water purification

  • Enhancing water quality in basins and silo's

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